Sometimes dogs are here a little while. They come in with medical, physical or emotional challenges and we settle them in and wait and work patiently to help them through. That’s what happened with Starling, a little white terrier, a pup that ran if possible to get away, froze if there was no escape route. She was terrified and human touch almost sent her over the edge. So we kept her inside and talked and touched every chance we got and she improved – some. Then we discovered a secret – Starling LOVES other dogs. The minute we put her with another dog she become the friendly playful pup she was always meant to be. So we brought 2 to 3 other dogs to be with her each day and she improved much faster. But still it takes time. Then we received one of those phone calls we love, experienced rescuers who know and understand traumatized dogs, who have been down this road many times, and are ready to take on a new challenged pup to love after the loss of one of their beloveds. Starling did so well with them and her new fur-sister in the meet & greet. We were proud of her progress, but she still has a long way to go. But this couple is patient and loving. To all of you, and there are so many, who take on these precious dogs needing a chance at a normal life, we appreciate you, we applaud you, and we thank you.