Craving unlimited quantities of unconditional love? Love dogs but can’t have one at home? Want to give back to your community?

Volunteering with Highland Lakes Canine Rescue is the answer to all those questions.

Our volunteers are special treasures essential to our operations. They make a significant difference in our rescued dogs lives and their opportunities to find loving homes. Whether “out front” with the dogs or behind the scenes supporting our staff and program, our volunteers are key to fulfilling our mission.

We have volunteer opportunities at the shelter, at off-site adoption events in the area, at fundraising events throughout the year, and work that can be done from your home.

These volunteers interact with our dogs in a hands-on manner. Dog care volunteers must complete orientation and training before handling our dogs. This is for the safety of our volunteers, staff and our dogs.

  • Fostering a Dog
    We periodically rescue adoptable dogs with non-life-threatening medical conditions that can make kennel living difficult, e.g., recovery from heartworm treatment, surgery, etc. Our foster volunteers provide a home environment that enables these dogs to recover safely.
  • Taking in Dogs from Area Shelters
    We visit area shelters in the surrounding counties to locate adoptable dogs who are “at risk” for various reasons. Volunteers accompany our staff to help identify and qualify dogs and transport them to our shelter.
  • Dog Care at the Shelter
    Volunteers have the important job of interacting and playing with our dogs to enhance their socialization and training. They may also assist shelter staff with bathing, grooming, kennel maintenance and cleaning.
  • Dog Walker at the Shelter
    HLCR is fortunate to have miles of walking trails at our shelter. Volunteers significantly contribute to the socialization, adoptability and welfare of our dogs by walking them on established schedules.
  • Dog Training
    The dogs we rescue often need some help and encouragement in learning the good dog manners that enhance their adoptability. Volunteers who are certified dog trainers and behavioral specialists work directly with our shelter staff, volunteers and dogs to teach our dogs basic skills.
  • Dog Transportation to/from Vets and Events
    Getting a dog to and from veterinarians ensures our dogs get the treatment they need and allows our staff to focus on caring for the other dogs at the shelter. Getting our dogs to and from events gets them exposure to potential adopters. Volunteers  need a valid driver’s license, auto insurance and a vehicle that can transport dogs in carriers and/or crates.

These volunteers work to expose our dogs to the public at adoption and fundraising events. They assist our shelter staff with post-adoption communication to ensure a smooth transition for our dogs and their new families.

  • Adoption Events
    We take our adoptable dogs to locations in the area to create awareness in the community and enhance their chances for adoption. Our volunteers may coordinate with the venue, or work to ensure we have volunteers to handle dogs, or manage and care for the dogs at these events as well as ensure their safety and that of the people who come around our dogs.
  • Adopter Communication
    HLCR needs help following up with potential adopters and foster families on adoption inquiries by phone and email. We also follow up with our adopters after adoption to provide support and to ensure a successful adoption.

These volunteers are our supporting cast, working from home or at the shelter to do the myriad tasks that keep our shelter operating smoothly and that facilitate our rescue and adoption efforts.

  • Facilities and Grounds Maintenance
    Volunteers assist shelter staff in caring for the shelter buildings and grounds with general repairs to buildings, preventive maintenance of our systems and equipment, and with mowing and maintenance of our trails and grounds. HLCR receives much-needed donations of supplies and equipment for our dogs and we need skilled organizers to set up and maintain a simple, easy-to-use system.
  • Administrative Support
    HLCR volunteers are crucial in helping to keep our administrative systems maintained and functioning well. We need help with everything administrative including data entry, mailings, correspondence, recruiting volunteers, responding to inquiries about the shelter and dogs, and many other day-to-day tasks. Many administrative tasks can be done from home.

HLCR hosts events throughout the year to raise the funds we need to operate our shelter and continue to rescue and care for dogs. Volunteers who plan, coordinate and/or work at these events are critical to our ability to fulfill our mission.

  • Donation Box Coordinator
    We are fortunate to have many retail locations in the areas surrounding our shelter that allow us to place donation boxes in their places of business. Volunteers monitor an assigned group of boxes, collecting money and turning the funds into the shelter.
  • Special Events
    HLCR holds a number of special fundraising events throughout the year that are a major source of our revenue. We need volunteers to help in every stage of planning and facilitating these special events. We also need volunteers who love fundraising in general.
  • Donor Relation
    We rely heavily on the support of members of our community. Volunteers work to develop strong relationships with donors, acknowledging their contributions and recognizing their support in various ways. maintains and manages donor information and donor database; administers donor recognition program. Donor Relations volunteers work from home and communicate with our Executive Director and board members to gather information.
  • Community Relationship Coordinator
    Volunteers work with the board and Executive Director to create relationships with foundations, corporations and individuals to build a pipeline of new donors, individual and business sponsors, and corporate partners in keeping with the shelter’s overall fundraising strategy.

If you have an interest and skill in social media, graphic design, production, web development, copywriting, photography, videography, online marketing or media relations, HLCR could use your talents for the creation and maintenance of print/web marketing collateral (flyers, posters, ads, merchandise, web banners/mini-sites, dog profile descriptions, photos, videos), press releases, and social media networking (writing/posting to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, NextDoor, etc.).

  • Marketing Support
    Volunteers work to promote our shelter throughout the communities we serve, creating print and online communications that create awareness of and interest in the shelter and our activities.
  • Social Media Communication
    Volunteers maintain current, engaging information about the shelter on our social media, providing engaging information about upcoming fundraising events and initiatives, introduction of new dogs available for adoption, recent adoptions, volunteer opportunities, etc. The monitor and respond to posts, comments and private messages from the public, representing the shelter appropriately. Social Media volunteers work from home and communicate with our Executive Director and board members to gather information to publish.
  • Graphic Support
    Volunteers work with board members, Executive Director and event chairs to create designs that have high visual impact for web and/or print to include ads, invitations, posters, newsletters, website graphics, etc. They use a creative flair, an understanding of the shelters “look and feel”, an up-to-date knowledge of industry software and a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines. Graphic Support volunteers work from home and communicate with our Executive Director, volunteers and board members to gather information to support designs.
  • Newsletter Contributor
    Volunteers work with our Executive Director, board members and key volunteers to develop, edit and publish our electronic newsletter.
  • Website Support
    Using WordPress, volunteers work with the Executive Director, board members and key volunteers to keep our website current and fresh, updating and adding information, photos and videos.
  • Photographer
    Volunteers take photographs of our dogs to enhance their potential for a speedy adoption. Volunteers attend our events to capture photographs for web and for print publications.