Donate Now

Highland Lakes Canine Rescue is a 100% donation driven 501c3 charity.

Your donations provide food, medicine, flea/tick preventative, vet care and small comforts– like treats and chew toys, to help the dogs have a better stay while they’re healing and waiting on adoption to their forever home.

From January 27th – March 6, 2021 we are asking that all of our donations be given through Amplify Austin at the button below.

Amplify Austin is a city-wide movement for charitable giving.

By putting your money through Amplify Austin, what you give has the potential to be matched by angel donors or for that donation to qualify for extra incentives/prizes/reward money that can also be donated to the shelter dogs. Sometimes we get nice rewards for having donors give early or at a specified time during the 24 hours that is Amplify Austin. 

We’re grateful for all of these opportunities and Highland Lakes Canine Rescue is happy to participate in every way we can.  Join us as we take part in this important initiative — 
and THANK YOU for helping make an amplified impact on our dogs and shelter!