It takes a team. We say this all the time as it’s the truth, but there are times when it’s more evident as it was with Dahlia.

Dahlia is one of those unique little dogs that have a hard time. She’s beautiful, but different. Many breeds have gone into the making of this little dog. She suffered an injury long before she came to us, but it resulted in a bowed leg that has an odd appearance that not everyone can overlook. And Dahlia has a quirky personality. Affectionate, but not really. Likes other dogs, but needs her alone time. Enjoys walks, but isn’t always sure about meeting new people.

Dahlia came into the shelter about 1.5 years ago. She was adopted briefly, but family life with kids was too chaotic for her and she came back.

As the months went by, it became evident that the shelter environment was difficult for this sweet girl. Her behavior was becoming erratic and she clearly wasn’t thriving as once again she was in a somewhat chaotic environment. I put out the plea, won’t someone PLEASE foster this dog. And our own wonderful retired Facilities Manager, Joe Hunzeker, stepped forward and said, “I will.” And he did for months. Then I said, we need to be sure that leg is not causing her pain and won’t ever be a problem, and Dr. Runk from Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital gave her a once over and a solid thumbs up, “She’s great!”

Then I said, “Someone needs to help her get over what she’s been through and become a wonderful dog again,” and Connor Brown of Priority Canine Training came forward and said, “I will.” And he not only trained her, but fostered her when Joe had to leave town. And Dahlia was happy again.

Then, coming full circle, this wonderful couple and their precious pup came forward and opened their hearts, arms, and home to Dahlia. When I asked, “What made you pick Dahlia?” the amazing answer was, “Because she needs us.”And that’s the truth. She needed us all.

And finally, this sweet girl has gone home.

Well done, team. Thank you, wonderful couple.

Live long and well, sweet Dahlia.