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It takes a team. We say this all the time as it's the truth, but there are times when it's more evident as it was with Dahlia. Dahlia is one of those unique little dogs that have a hard time. She's beautiful, but different. Many breeds have gone into the making of this little dog. She suffered an injury long before she came to us, but it resulted in a bowed leg that has an odd appearance that not everyone can overlook. And Dahlia has a quirky personality. Affectionate, but not really. Likes other dogs, but needs her alone [...]


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Sometimes dogs are here a little while. They come in with medical, physical or emotional challenges and we settle them in and wait and work patiently to help them through. That's what happened with Starling, the little white terrier, a pup that ran if possible to get away, froze if there was no escape route - she was terrified and human touch almost sent her over the edge. So we kept her inside and talked and touched every chance we got and she improved - some. Then we discovered a secret - Starling LOVES other dogs. The minute we [...]


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Chances are, you won't. We're expecting she will be one of the unsung heroes who, with her handler, is quietly working behind the lines saving lives for some and bringing closure for others. Mak is officially in training to become an urban search & rescue dog. She will be one of the special ones braving the dangerous rubble after a disaster occurs and we're so happy for her. This is a life she will love. Please take a moment to read about this special girl. When Mak came into the shelter at the beginning of the year, immediately we [...]

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