We work hard to make adopting easy while doing everything we can to ensure you and your new canine companion are a great match.

We post information on all our adoptable dogs on our website. In addition, we take our dogs to adoption events at local retailers in the area. These events enable you to see our dogs in person and interact with them and our volunteers.

We do not do onsite adoptions at these events. We have found the best way to make the matches between adopters and our dogs is to have potential adopters first complete an application and then come to our shelter to spend some time with the dogs they are interested in.

If you’ve found a dog or dogs you’re interested in, we ask you to complete and submit our online application. We carefully review the information you’ve provided with the goal of making the best possible match for you and our dog. Our primary goal is to place our dogs in suitable and loving “forever” homes. We occasionally have more than one adopter interested in a dog. We will let you know if that’s the case with a dog you’ve expressed interest in. Our current adoption fee is $175.00.  All our dogs are neutered, microchipped, dewormed, current on shots, and checked by a veterinarian.

After we’ve reviewed your adoption application, we’ll contact you to arrange your visit to the shelter to meet the dog or dogs you’re interested in. While we have regular business hours, we’ll work with you to schedule your “meet and greet” at a time that works best for you

The purpose of the “meet and greet” is to make sure you and your prospective pet are a good fit. We ask you to bring your current pet(s) and any family members to this session so you can experience first-hand how everybody gets along. During your “meet and greet” you’ll spend quality time with your prospective dog. You’ll interact with our staff who will share their first-hand experiences with the dog you’re meeting.

You may decide that you’ve met your perfect match at the “meet and greet” or you may decide this isn’t a good fit for you or you may want a little more time to think about it. We will not pressure you into a decision because we understand how important and life changing this is for you and for our dogs.

If you’ve found your new best friend at your meet and greet, that’s wonderful!

When we unite you with your new family member, we’ll give you:

  • Important documentation about your dog’s social and medical history.
  • A small bag of the food your dog has been eating so you can transition to his/her new diet
  • Your dog’s microchip information

We’ll work with you to transfer the microchip credentials to you. You’ll want to pass this information to your own veterinarian.

We also recommend that this first trip home in your car have a quiet atmosphere with your new dog traveling in a crate for that first ride.


Thank you for adopting a rescue dog from Highland Lakes Canine Rescue.

Now that you have your new dog home, remember:

  • It is NORMAL for your dog to take a long time to adapt to your home–even up to 1 year.
  • You may see behaviors needing correction while they learn your rules.
  • Immediately establish that you are the boss.
  • Positively reinforce when your dog does the right thing.
  • Your dog has been in a shelter and needs TIME to get used to being in a home. This is not overnight or even a few days or weeks, it can take months.
  • Your potty trained dog may have accidents. This is normal.
  • Please apply love, patience and most importantly–consistency– your special dog is worth it!

Highland Lakes Canine Rescue recommends these resources if you have questions about your new dog:

  • YouTube search for videos that demonstrate solid methods for training dogs.

There are very good, FREE resources to help your dog on things like:

potty training,
crate training,
separation anxiety,
establishing who is the boss/alpha,
bolting out the door, etc.

If you have questions, do this FIRST:

1) YouTube search
2) Watch the videos
3) Begin consistently & repetitively working with your dog, allowing at least 3 months for your dog to grasp what you’re wanting.
Your time training your dog makes a big difference in your happiness with your dog and your dog’s adoption success!

  • Every Dog Austin

They are a fabulous Austin-based dog behavior charity happy to help you with your new rescue dog.

  • Priority Canine Training by Connor Brown

He knows HLCR, our procedures and how your dog has been handled and trained in our shelter.

Highland Lakes Canine Rescue is the PROVIDER of your rescue dog.

Once your dog leaves the shelter with you, just like how a child leaves the hospital,
you as the adopters/parents assume full ownership and responsibility for educating your dog, 
training your dog and teaching your dog the good behavior you want.

You can do it!

Thank you for adopting a rescue dog!
Your new dog is worth your time and energy needed to become a beloved member of your family!

-HLCR Team

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