Over the years, HLCR’s mission has honed in on a primary goal–  rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs with special medical and behavioral needs.  Sadly, few organizations within Central Texas possess the resources necessary to share this charter, and we have found there is a significant gap to fill within our local community. The lives of these “Diamonds in the Ruff” are greatly at risk. At HLCR we are committed to finding the unpolished gems and devoting the additional time and funding necessary to make them adoptable again.


Due to the latest freeze, our partner’s facility had no water or power. In need of sanctuary, Splinter became one of several emergency intakes. But as it turns out, Splinter also needed to be a part of our Diamond program too! HLCR Staff noticed Splinter had a nosebleed, and as time passed, the bleeding wouldn’t stop. Upon veterinary inspection, it was diagnosed that Splinter has anemia and a low platelet count in his blood. Splinter came from a bad hoarding situation, which may have caused his condition. Under the Diamonds in the Ruff program, he will be monitored closely as we explore options such as further cause and possible treatments befitting his medical needs!


Say hello to our new Diamond, Zelda! She is a gentle-natured gem, wanting to cuddle every person she meets. Zelda has a condition called entropion – where the eyelid rolls inward, causing a dog’s eyelashes to touch and repeatedly scratch the eye. Over time, this can cause damage to the surface of the eye, pain, light sensitivity and other conditions including ulceration and blindness. While some puppies may grow out of this condition, Zelda is 2 years old and in need of surgical correction in order to stop this in its tracks! Under the Diamonds in the Ruff program, Zelda will receive great care from our veterinary partners and HLCR staff to see her through the recovery process. Soon, our brown eyed girl will be pain-free and more than ready to find a home!


Hank was an unplanned intake, but we knew he needed to be one of our Diamonds within the first moments of meeting him. This brave boy was attacked by another dog in the facility he was housed in, and his injuries were severe and many. Infection had begun to set in, and x-rays of his front left leg showed that it had been badly broken during the attack. Due to the break’s severity and location, the best course of action was to amputate the affected leg. Throughout this harrowing process, Hank has maintained a sweet disposition and soft manners. He continued to treat the people around him with love and affection, despite the incredible amount of pain he was experiencing. Hank is truly an inspiration to treat others with kindness no matter the circumstances one may be going through!


Word has been spread to our local partners about the work we do with special needs dogs, and this month one of our sister shelters reached out for help with a young lab puppy in need of reconstructive jaw surgery. When Jolene was initially found by animal control, it was thought she may have a birth defect or had broken her lower jaw. But upon looking at the x-rays, the vet discovered bullet shards in her face. Her jaw had been badly damaged due to a gunshot. Jolene recently went to a specialist for reparative surgery, and we are happy to announce that the procedure was a success! Her spirit is vibrant and unbroken, and she will be a wonderful family dog once fully recovered. She will always look a little special, but special is just what we like! We know there’s a family out there that feels the same.