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Select Highland Lakes Canine Rescue when you make a donation and you will directly effect the health and welfare of our rescues,
ensuring they get high-quality, nutritional food to eat every meal. This donation absolutely makes a huge difference saving their lives.
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Over the years, HLCR’s mission has honed in on a primary goal–  rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs with special medical and behavioral needs.  Sadly, few organizations within Central Texas possess the resources necessary to share this charter, and we have found there is a significant gap to fill within our local community. The lives of these “Diamonds in the Ruff” are greatly at risk. At HLCR we are committed to finding the unpolished gems and devoting the additional time and funding necessary to make them adoptable again.


Turkey, Corncob, Yam, Green Bean, Ruthie and Gravy were found in a cardboard box, abandoned, motherless and with umbilical cords still attached. A kind passing family heard their cries and discovered that fire ants had crawled into the box and were gnawing
on the babies. The family immediately took them in, but as time passed the task of taking care of these babies became a daunting one! The family reached out to local resources in the hopes that someone could give the puppies the care they needed. Though Burnet
Veterinary Clinic was struggling to make space, they brought in the puppies in the hopes a partner could take over for them. HLCR has answered that call! These little ones are getting round the clock feedings and attention so they can grow up big and strong
just in time for the holiday season.


Courage was found curled up in a barn. The people who discovered him were unsure how he came to be there or how long he had been living there. Upon further inspection, it was clear that Courage was not only in need of sanctuary but required immediate medical care. Courage has severe demodex mange, a painful skin condition caused by parasitic mites. In HLCR’s Diamonds in the Ruff program, Courage will receive daily medicated baths, topical treatments, medications and everything necessary to become mange free! It is only a matter of time before Courage can thrive again and become the best boy that every Collie wants to be!


Nothing slows this little boy down!
Taz’s perky attitude and speedy zoomies are a sight to behold, especially because he no longer has use of one of his legs! His front left leg was badly broken quite some time ago, and because he never received treatment for the break his leg healed into an
abnormal position. Fortunately, this old injury does not cause him any pain nor keep him from playing. Now that Taz is a part of our Diamonds in The Ruff program, he has access to HLCR resources, rehabilitation and expertise from our veterinary partners which
will improve his quality of life and overall mobility.