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The Highland Lakes Canine Rescue standard:

Vaccinated, Spayed or Neutered, Microchipped, Flea-Tick-Heartworm Treated, Healthy, and Happy!

Always check back here or PetFinder for newly available pups, and give special consideration to our Diamonds In The Ruff.

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Over the years, HLCR’s mission has honed in on a primary goal–  rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs with special medical and behavioral needs.  Sadly, few organizations within Central Texas possess the resources necessary to share this charter, and we have found there is a significant gap to fill within our local community. The lives of these “Diamonds in the Ruff” are greatly at risk. At HLCR we are committed to finding the unpolished gems and devoting the additional time and funding necessary to make them adoptable again.


Cherry is a rowdy but friendly French Bulldog mix who was found as a stray in the San Antonio area. Bandera Animal control reached out to us for assistance with Cherry because their air conditioning was not working, and brachycephalic dogs like Cherry are at a higher risk for heat stroke.

Ensuring her safety, we transferred her to our facility. Unfortunately, Cherry has since tested positive for heartworms, but we are committed to providing her with the necessary treatment to eradicate this condition. Once she has been spayed and the heartworm treatment process has begun, our focus will shift towards finding her a loving forever home.

Despite the challenges she has faced thus far, Cherry’s spirit remains resilient, and we are confident that her journey will lead her to a brighter future filled with love!


Open your hearts for Barry, a very shy two year old pup in need of a little time and nurturing. Barry was an owner surrender to one of our partners, but the nature of why they surrendered is unknown.

Barry is currently going through a lot of stress during this transition period of his life. As a Diamond, Barry will receive specific assistance to address his fearful behavior and anxiety. One step at a time, staff will apply appropriate socialization techniques based on his progress to help him come out of his shell. With the help of our wonderful volunteers, Barry will get designated periods of time meant just for one on one interactions with him to rehabilitate and nurture a sense of trust.

This will include periods for walks, cuddle or play time and more until he is ready to put himself out there for a stable, forever family.


Introducing Fran, a resilient dog who is ready to embrace a life filled with love. Fran’s journey started as an exclusively backyard dog, left to fend for herself in poor conditions until animal control came to her rescue. Due to her previous hands-off owners, Fran never received the socialization she needed, but we’re committed to helping her overcome these challenges and make up for lost time!

Unfortunately, Fran’s time outdoors without proper medical care led to her contracting heartworm disease. However, we’re happy to report that Fran is currently undergoing treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. With the right care and attention, Fran’s heart will be free from this disease, and she will be ready to embark on a new chapter in her life.

Fran may appear rough around the edges, but underneath that exterior lies a true diamond. She has a heart full of love to give and is eager to form a deep bond with her forever family.


Survivor, Sissy, Truffle and Tony were originally outdoor dogs residing in the country outskirts of Marble Falls, but their owner sadly passed away. They were now without their human, and extreme heat and a series of severe storms were approaching the Central Texas area.

Concerned relatives embarked on a time-sensitive search for a suitable sanctuary for these dogs, considering that some of them were senior, overweight, and on a property with no yard. Once we got the call, staff helped the family catch these babies for further examination and transfer to the shelter.

Currently, they are on skin monitoring for flea related conditions, will soon receive age-appropriate dental work, and are socializing with staff everyday. Slowly, but surely, these four will open up to new possibilities and a warm, future home.


Cedric’s journey began when he was rescued from a challenging dog hoarding situation on a ranch. Among many puppies on the property, Cedric and one of his sisters found their way to us when animal control began distributing the many dogs.

While his sister Klover quickly warmed up to her surroundings, Cedric remained guarded and deeply fearful. Helping Cedric overcome his ingrained fear has been a long, patient process. To support him, he has started medication to help stabilize his emotions, and we have established a dedicated daily socialization routine for him. During these sessions, a staff member or volunteer spends intentional time with Cedric, providing him with the interaction he needs to build trust and unwind.

While the root of his fear remains a mystery, our commitment to earning Cedric’s trust and love is unwavering. With patience, understanding, and a lot of love, we are determined to help Cedric overcome his past and discover the joy and security he deserves.


Meet Drax, an enchanting dog whose appearance makes it a bit challenging to pinpoint his exact breed! We suspect he might be a Catahoula/Australian Cattle Dog mix, but it’s hard to be certain due to his minimal hair. This precious canine, like a frog prince in disguise, has unfortunately suffered from full-body hair loss caused by demodex mange, a condition that went untreated for over a year under the care of neglectful owners.

Despite his current fear and vulnerability, we are committed to providing Drax with all the care he deserves, taking each day as it comes to help him heal. Our standard procedure for mange involves administering medications to combat infection, pain and itching, as well as regular medicated baths to kill the pesky demodex mites. Drax is just one kiss away from transforming into the prince he truly is, and we feel incredibly blessed to be the ones guiding him on this journey of recovery.

Diamonds don’t stay rough around here for long! These polished and sparkling gems have completed treatments and found long term solutions. Take home an Alumni of our Diamond In The Ruff mission, and share your life with our best patients.


Penny, a resilient mother, has overcome a challenging journey and is now available for adoption.

Originally under the care of our partners at Hill Country Humane Society, Penny came to them in late-term pregnancy. Recognizing the space and resources required to raise both her and her puppies, they reached out to us for help.

After just a week at our shelter, Penny went into labor. While closely monitoring her, it became evident that something was amiss. In a race against time, we transported her to Hope Animal Clinic.

It was discovered that one of the puppies was stuck in the birthing canal. An emergency cesarean section was performed. All eight of her beautiful puppies, including the little one that had been trapped, were safely delivered.

Penny is now completely recovered, spayed, and ready to pursue a family of her own!


Luna eagerly awaits her forever family! Before finding her way into the shelter system, her family of many years made the difficult decision to surrender her to one of our partners.

She had several masses growing on her back and legs, raising concerns about the possibility of cancer. To increase Luna’s chances of finding a forever home, removing and testing the lumps were paramount, making her a perfect fit as an HLCR Diamond.

With the help of our partners at Spicewood Vet Clinic, Luna underwent surgery to remove the masses. Fortunately, the lumps were not cancerous. Luna also had a recurring flareup of skin irritation around her eyes, now relieved by a grain-free diet.

We are delighted to present Luna worry free and more adoptable than ever!


Skylie is all submissive sweetness and incredible smarts! This cute girl had been struggling with red, itchy skin and thinning hair caused by a secondary yeast infection and food sensitivities.

Skylie underwent several weeks of targeted medication to alleviate skin inflammation, along with medicated baths to promote healing.

A grain-free diet supplemented with healthy fish oils, and occasional over-the-counter allergy medications like Benadryl, have worked wonders in restoring her skin and coat to a state of good health. Now Skylie showcases a radiant and lustrous coat, and her once-itchy skin is no longer a source of discomfort.

She is eager to embark on a new chapter in her life and share her affectionate nature with a loving family. If you’re seeking an angel who has triumphed over adversity and is ready to bring unconditional love, Skylie may be the perfect match.


A hidden gem, Ruby holds the title as the longest-standing resident at the shelter. She joined us during a space crisis at a partnering shelter in Waco.

Upon her arrival to HLCR, Ruby tested positive for heartworms. However, over the course of her 12 months with us, we guided her through the necessary treatment process. Just days shy of her third birthday, Ruby received the incredible news that she had tested negative for heartworms.

This victory means she can now fully embrace a life of running, romping, wrestling, and playing fetch to her heart’s content.

She has spent enough time in the shelter system and we can’t wait to see her embark on a new chapter with a family of her own!

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