CONGRATULATIONS on adopting your new Highland Lakes Canine Rescue dog!

We’re excited for you as you begin the journey loving them and being their forever home!

So that we may continue rehabilitating and rescuing abandoned and neglected dogs- like yours was- we’d appreciate your support.

Highland Lakes Canine Rescue runs 100% on donations to:

-feed all of the animals

-provide medicine

-get veterinary care for injuries or illnesses, in addition to spay/neuter and dental care

-flea/tick/heartworm treatments

-toys, leashes, collars, bowls, beds and treats

-all of the shelter and living needs for the animal.

We are grateful for the help!

Click here to donate:

*Venmo IS available, search: Highland Lakes Canine Rescue

Who should you call if you have questions or need recommendations?

Brittany Osbourn

Shelter Operations Manager
8am – 5pm Monday – Friday



Who should I call if I want to get my business connected to HLCR or want to do community events together? 

Susan Willis

Executive Director

8am-5pm Monday – Friday



Thank you and good luck, much love and enjoy your new dog!


Board of Directors

  • Suzanne Owens, Visionary

  • Jeannette Murphy

  • Michaela Black

  • Becky Wynn

  • Patty Bates

  • Jeanne Gillen

  • Janelle Boutte