We ensure that all dogs in our care are spayed/neutered before they are available for adoption. We do not offer spay/neuter services to the general public.

HLCR does not offer any financial assistance to pet owners for sick/injured animals. We can, however, recommend local veterinarians and low-cost spay/neuter clinics in our area which may be able to help.

Though we’re pretty much here around the clock, we ask all of our visitors to call us at (830) 693-0569 to schedule an appointment. We will find a time that works best for you and for us, no matter what day it is.

We do not advertise our physical location for a variety of reasons. When you speak with us to schedule a visit with an available dog, we will give you all the information you need to find us.

Get into action!  We offer a detailed action plan you can follow when you’ve discovered your beloved pet has gone missing. Learn more on our “Lost and Found” page under “Community.”

There are a lot of things you can do if you find someone’s pet. Visit the helpful suggestions on our “Lost and Found” page under “Community.”

Just about anything you can think of for a dog we can certainly use, such as dog leashes, beds, and collars. You can see our Wish List of items we need for daily use. See our “Donate” section to see all the ways you can help.

There are many ways you can help. You can give your valuable time by volunteering at our shelter or helping out at fundraising events or weekly adoption events. You can support us by donating items from our Wish List.  Monetary donations will go directly to our hands-on dog care. All methods of giving are equally appreciated.

Yes, we are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Our Tax ID is 74-2923659.


We require an appointment to visit our dogs. Visiting a dog is a part of our adoption process (see How To Adopt).

Great! First, review the information in “How To Adopt.”  Complete and submit our Adoption Application. Then contact us to set up an appointment to “Meet & Greet” your prospective pup.

We’ve got all types and sizes of dogs available for adoption. At any one time, we may have 12 – 20 dogs staying at the shelter. These dogs typically are mixed breeds and we do our best to describe the closest breed they represent.

Our dogs come from all over Central Texas. We work closely with Austin Animal Center as well as the Animal Control offices of Marble Falls, Lampassas, Bastrop County, San Marcos, Lakeway and other similar organizations in the Highland Lakes area. As soon as there’s room available for us to take in another dog, we go out into our community to rescue them.

We do our very best to socialize all our dogs with as many canines and humans as possible to prepare them for the transition to their forever homes. As part of our Adoption Process, we ask you to bring other members of your family along, human, canine, and yes, even feline (in a carrier, PLEASE!) to your Meet & Greet with a dog at our shelter.  However, the behavior during that visit does not guarantee that the dog won’t show different behavior later. Please understand, too, that there is and always will be work involved with accepting a shelter dog into your home. Learn more at “How to Adopt.”

As with almost all rescue groups, we charge an adoption fee in order to help defray the costs of caring for our dogs. Your adoption fee helps the HLCR pay for food, shelter, shots, medical care and microchipping for all of the dogs at our shelter.

You must be 21 years of age or older to adopt a pet from the HLCR.

Meeting a dog at one of our adoption events is a great first step. Because adopting a dog is an important decision, we ask that you go home, think about it and go to our website to review the information about our dogs and our adoption process . Our Calendar lists the locations, dates and times of our adoption events.

You get a companion that will bring you unconditional love, joy and happiness for a very long time! Your new family member will be spayed/neutered, current on shots, heartworm and flea treatment,  and microchipped. We provide you a set of important documentation about your dog’s social and medical history and will work with you to get the microchip credentials transferred to you. Please keep all this information for your records and for your veterinarian. You will also get a small bag of the food your dog has been eating so you can gradually transition it to a new diet. Shortly  after adoption you’ll receive a packet in the mail with additional information, coupons from PetSmart, referrals for vets, and other goodies you might find interesting.

Contact us as soon as you suspect that you have made an error in selecting this dog. There are things we can do to help you through the initial “rough patches.” If the dog was not the right fit for you and your family, we will make every attempt to find another pup that is a better fit. However, we do not give refunds.

    • Adopting a dog from our shelter not only gives your pet a second chance in a happy home, but can also save it from being euthanized in an overcrowded shelter. You also make room at the shelter for another animal with nowhere else to go.
    • Our dogs are often healthier than dogs you can purchase elsewhere.  We ensure they receive treatment for any medical issues that arise. Our staff makes sure our dogs are in top shape before they are ready to be adopted into a new home.
    • The cost of adopting a dog from our shelter is almost always less than purchasing from a breeder or another source.
    • Adopting a rescued dog also makes the marketplace less available to puppy mills.
    • HLCR provides a special loving and safe space for dogs of all different breeds, ages, shapes, sizes and personalities. You are sure to find a dog that fits your lifestyle and will serve as your perfect companion.


Absolutely! Volunteers are the core of HLCR’s success. We’ll help you identify a volunteer opportunity that meets your schedule and suits your interests. Our unique Hill Country setting, huge, low-density outdoor pens, and three miles of walking trails mean you’re always happy you came and you’re never sad for the dogs when you leave! We have openings for volunteers interested in:

  • Walking, feeding and playing with dogs
  • Staffing adoption events at local pet stores
  • Administrative support, document management, medical records keeping and organization
  • Working at fundraising events
  • Assisting with grounds and building maintenance
  • Developing relationships with community businesses and potential fundraising event

See our volunteer information to learn more or contact us today.

Volunteers under 18 years of age are welcome to volunteer when accompanied and supervised by a volunteer-trained parent or legal guardian. Volunteers under 18 may handle dogs with our Executive Director’s approval. . Learn more at our Volunteer page.

Of course! We need volunteers to interact with dogs one on one in their pens on a daily basis; this is important work for the welfare and socialization of the animal. We also need volunteers to handle our dogs at adoption events in Marble Falls, Bee Cave and Lakeway. Learn more on our Volunteer page.

Yes, we want an official record of each and every volunteer and require that you complete volunteer training if you would like to work hands-on with our dogs. See our volunteer application on our Volunteer page.

We do accept, at our discretion, volunteers performing community service as directed by the Texas court systems.


HLCR currently does not charge an owner-surrender fee. We will, however, be happy to accept a donation to help defray the costs of taking care of your dog. We require current veterinary documentation demonstrating that your dog is up to date on vaccinations and in reasonable medical condition. As resources permit, occasionally we accept dogs requiring some medical attention.

We would love to save every dog, but due to space and financial constraints we do unfortunately have a limit to how many we are able to admit. HLCR also reserves the right to perform a behavioral and temperament assessment of your dog at time of surrender, to evaluate him/her for suitability of adoption. If we are unable to take your dog, we may be able to recommend another rescue organization to assist you.

As we do for all our rescued dogs, HLCR will screen all applicants to find a suitable home for your surrendered dog. We have a rigorous adoption process that we feel ensures the best matchup for a forever home for all of our dogs.