Who is Highland Lakes Canine Rescue?

Highland Lakes Canine Rescue was founded in 1999 as Highland Lakes SPCA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, by community members who wanted to rescue homeless dogs in the Central Texas region. HLCR initially started as a “foster only” organization. However, through generous community support, a location was found near Marble Falls, Texas and HLCR became a no-kill dog shelter. Since then HLCR has built a kennel facility, outdoor pens and walking trails, has a staff and resident Executive Director and Facilities Manager, and is blessed with an active and passionate group of volunteers who work tirelessly supporting HLCR and its mission.

In 2019, we changed our name from Highland Lakes SPCA to Highland Lakes Canine Rescue to more appropriately reflect our focus and mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and secure loving and healthy forever homes for abandoned dogs in the Texas Hill Country.

We strive to be the best no-kill shelter in the Hill Country.


While we occasionally receive small amounts of monies through the application of grants, the majority of our financial support comes from donations made by individuals and organizations from the Central Texas region. Without you, HLCR could not rescue homeless dogs in so much need of our care. Please donate!


More Than a Shelter

An animal shelter is a place where stray, lost, abandoned or surrendered animals are brought because there’s nowhere else to take them. Typically, these places are city or county operations. HLCR is more than just a shelter. In addition to working with area Animal Control Officers, we rescue dogs who are “at risk” in shelters throughout the Central Texas area. And, most importantly, we provide an exceptional collection of support facilities for our rescued dogs, including indoor kennels, large outdoor pens, and extensive walking trails where dogs interact daily with our staff and volunteers. Our select and dedicated group of foster families provide special, focused care in the environment of a home for our rescues who need that. We are the only area shelter that provides this level of support for every dog in our care:

  • Fully vaccinates every one of our dogs
  • Takes in AND TREATS heartworm positive dogs so they can recover and become someone’s new best friend
  • Ensures all our dogs are spayed and neutered
  • Works to ensure our dogs obtain optimum health before they are available for adoption
  • Fully reviews applicants who want to adopt our dogs to ensure both adopter and dog are a good match
  • Follows-up with adopters to help both the adopter and the dog transition successfully
  • Allows our adopted dogs to be returned to us under certain circumstances so we can find them more suitable homes
  • Has 24 hour onsite staff caring for our dogs

No Kill Means No Kill

Unlike some shelters that claim to be “no kill,” once we rescue a dog, it will never be euthanized for space limitations, treatable medical or behavioral issues, or inconvenience. Unless a dog develops a terminal medical condition or a serious, uncorrectable behavioral issue that make it genuinely unadoptable, it stays in our shelter until finding its forever home.

Funding Sources

While HLCR occasionally receives small amounts of funding from grants, the majority of our financial support comes from donations by individuals and businesses in the Central Texas region. Without them HLCR could not serve Central Texas and rescue homeless dogs in so much need of our care.